Thai massage




My focus in ​each ind INDIVIDUAL is to provide the natural pathway of healing, b​y using ancient of Thai healing of Thai massage, in the most appropriate healing touch skill to bring about a healthier human being. 


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Thai massage is an effective healing massage with a combination of acupressure. Indian Ayurveda principal, and assisted yoga postures. It believes that our body remains healthy if we maintain the energy balance in our body in relation to the energy of the universe. If there is energy imbalance, the body will get sick .

Therapist ​

Sawadee Kha, my name is V, professional and c​ertified body works. My training of Thai massage and Thai Medical Massage is in the hometown of Thailand in 2006 and in Austin Texas in 2013.

I am skillful in deep work and relaxation as well, if you have problem with muscle pain and sprain, tennis elbow, stiffness of the neck, muscle discomfort, and nervous tension, or simply just looking to relax and ease the stress , then Thai remedy is the place for you !